New Podcast – Bullying and Media Portrayals of Obesity and Physical Activity

Today we have Episode 17 of the Obesity Panacea Podcast.  In this episode I chat with my colleague Atif Kukaswadia, who is a fellow Queen’s University alum and currently doing his PhD in obesity.  Atif has done some very cool work related to bullying and obesity which we discussed during our chat… but unfortunately the work is still being peer reviewed, so we didn’t feel it was appropriate for the podcast.  But the rest of the conversation is very relevant to my post on media portrayals of obesity earlier this week as well as the recent Canadian Summit on Weight Bias and Discrimination which took place this past Monday (for more excellent info on Weight Bias, check out these posts by Dr Arya Sharma), and I think people will still find it very interesting.  And I promise to have him back to discuss his own very cool research as soon as it is through embargo.

Some supplemental info:  Atif describes a study on bullying which was done by his MSc co-supervisor – the paper can be found here.  Also, I should mention that during the podcast we discuss this picture of a woman on a Segway and the related Gizmodo story – it’s pretty interesting, and worth checking out in its own right.

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As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and comments. Enjoy the podcast!


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