23andMe gift idea together with “Here Is A Human Being”

A very quick gift idea that you must act on today if you want a $400 product discount.

The personal genomics company, 23andMe, currently has a Friends and Family discount code that allows you to send in your DNA for trait analysis at a cost of $99 instead of their regular $499.  Here’s a list of the 175 traits and disease/conditions they screen for where genetic associations are known. The discount code is at the bottom of this post so you have to read (or scroll past) my disclaimer. However, when I ordered my kits for us today, the code came back as only being valid through today, 25 November.

You’ll also be required to subscribe for one-year at $5/month for their Personal Genomics Newsletter which provides value-added information and the kit itself carries a $24.95 ground shipping charge. So, that’s about $183.95 instead of $583.95, saliva not included.

Of course, it’s kinda tough to spend that much on a kit, give it as a gift, and then tell folks they have to wait 6-8 weeks for the analysis.

But I have a solution to make you look even more erudite and thoughtful.

Buy and give Here is a Human Being by Misha Angrist. Written by my GenomeBoy PLoS blogger colleague and friend, Misha’s book addresses many of the stories and controversies about personal genomics. (Yes, I’m giving you an Amazon link but please buy it at your local independent bookstore if you still have one – about 45% of the money you spend will stay in your community instead of disappearing to wherever Amazon actually is.)

Giving Misha’s book will make you appear even more brilliant than you already are and perhaps even better-looking.

Enough for now – I just wanted to be sure my readers had a chance to use the promo code.

Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement or any such thing. I have no financial relationship with 23andMe – I just thought this was a really cool opportunity for a gift (to myself as well!). Also, I have no financial relationship with Misha Angrist or his publisher. Despite him blogging here at PLoS and having our daughters play together on occasion, I did not receive a review copy of the book and will buy it with my own cash – at my local independent bookstore. Misha did independently invite me to a monthly dinner of his Institute two months ago. It was a really tasty meal and I met a lot of cool people but that’s about all I think that would influence me here. Ok, ok, he’s a really cool guy. And he plays guitar in a band.

For the 23andMe Friends and Family offer, use promo code B84YAG. It was still working as of about 8:15 am EST.

UPDATE (26 Nov, 9 am EST): The 23andMe site is now listing the $99 price without a code through 11/29 – limit of 10 per purchase.

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