This Week’s Top Stories: Sept 26-Oct 2

While we regularly post lengthy discussions on Obesity Panacea, there are many research updates, news stories, videos, etc. in the field of obesity, physical activity and nutrition that we come across on a daily basis that never grace the pages of the blog. Most of these mini-stories we share with our followers on Twitter, and we encourage those of you with active Twitter accounts to communicate with us there to get real-time updates of all the stuff we are discussing (Follow Peter and/or Follow Travis). For those of you who shy away from Twitter, enjoy below the best mini-stories that we came across during the prior week along with links to the original source so that you can follow the full story.

First off – two fantastic new French obesity/physical activity blogs have been started by good friends of ours.

  • Cyclo-Revolution: This amazing new blog is devoted entirely to active transportation, and is written by my labmate Richard Larouche. Active transportation is the focus of Richard’s PhD studies, and he knows as much or more about the topic than anyone I’ve ever met.  In his first few posts he has already discussed the philosophy of active transportation, his own research, and local events related to active transportation.  The content is phenomenal, and he is posting at a solid clip, so I’d strongly recommend that people check it out.
  • PhD Obesite is written by Danielle Bouchard and Martin Senechal.  Peter and I have known Danielle for some time, as she did a post-doc with our supervisor at Queen’s (and like me, Danielle is also from the wonderful province of New Brunswick!).  Like Obesity Panacea, PhD Obesite takes a more varied approach, discussing peer reviewed research on everything from physical activity guidelines to bariatric surgery to energy drinks.   As with Cyclo-Revolution, the posts are well written and evidence based, and definitely worth checking out.

Be warned that the above blogs are written entirely in French.  That being said, the content is amazing, and worth dusting off the old Micro Robert.

Some other posts that caught our eye:

  • Fetal origins: In the womb, in the news (Neuroanthropology)
  • Bacon infant formula (J&D’s via Neuroanthropology)
  • New Book ==> Best Weight: A practical guide to office-based obesity management (Weight Matters)
  • Are you a researcher? Publishing your science is only half the job (The Guardian)
  • Unrelated to obesity, but an absolutely phenomenal article ==> PLoGster Steve Silberman argues that legalized gay marriage is an important step towards preventing gay teen suicides (NeuroTribes)
  • Also unrelated to obesity ==> Our friend Scicurious examines a study that suggests that bras can cause constipation.  Seriously.  The most entertaining science I’ve seen in weeks! (Neurotic Physiology)
  • Finally, be sure to check our Peer Review Radio, a weekly science-focused radio show created by grad students at the University of Ottawa.  The most recent episode is titled “Internal conflict: The immune army inside your body” and is really worth a listen.  The episode also includes a non-immunity related interview with me about why I got into blogging, and why I think it is beneficial for grad students to get online.  I will do my best to embed the player on our website, but in case that doesn’t work, you can also listen to all previous Peer Review Radio episodes at

Have a great weekend!


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