Obesity Panacea is Moving to PLoS BLOGS

Some exciting news: Obesity Panacea has moved to PLoS BLoGs, the new blog community hosted by the Public Library of Science (aka PLoS).  If you’re reading this on our PLoS website, then obviously this is not a surprise to you!  But since many of our readers subscribe by email and RSS, we wanted to put up a quick post to let them know about the big move!

We are very excited about this move for a few reasons.  First, PLoS has long been a leader in the Open Access movement, which makes scientific articles available to anyone with an internet connection, as opposed to most journals which require expensive memberships that put original research out of reach for most members of the public. Not only that, but papers published in PLoS journals can also be translated, altered, or reprinted online without violating the copyright – something which is explicitly forbidden by most traditional journals.  All of these things make it much easier to promote science to a wider audience, which is something Peter and I wholeheartedly support.

In addition, PLoS has assembled a terrific group of bloggers, including our former Scibling David Kroll (aka Abel Pharmboy), regular Wired contribute Steve Silberman, and Pulitzer Prize winner Deborah Blum, to name just a few (the full list can be found here).  We are very excited to be able to work with and learn from such a terrific group, as well as the PLoS staff who are a pretty impressive group themselves.  And finally PLoS BLoGS won’t have any ads, which has its benefits.

So what does this mean for Obesity Panacea?  Aside from our new URL, not much.  The content of our posts will remain the same, as will the general posting scheme – 3 posts during the week, with a weekly round-up post on the weekends.  Peter has updated the RSS feed, so email and RSS subscribers won’t notice any changes at all.

And we promise, this will be the last move the Obesity Panacea will be making for a long, looooong time.

We hope that all of you will make the move with us!  You can find our all of our new content at www.blogs.plos.org/obesitypanacea.


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