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Many moons ago in blog years – January, 2006, to be exact – ScienceBlogs launched with a simple page that listed blogposts from each of their original blogs in the order they appeared (check out this page from the Wayback Machine for a teary-eyed bit of nostalgia).

Vestigial, like an appendix, but surprisingly useful.

When they adopted their frontpage as it appears today, you’ll still see the vestigial remains of the original page in the upper left menu bar entitled, “Last 24 Hours.”

A few bloggers here thought it would be a good idea to put such a theme on our sites (yes, because I drew a great deal of traffic from those lists), so you will now see to your right, Latest from the PLoGsters, listing the last 10 posts that have gone up from the new PLoG bloggers.

By the way, Jason Goldman at The Thoughtful Animal is the source of the term, PLoGsters. Many others are using the term, PLoGger, to refer to bloggers at PLoS Blogs.  However, I prefer PLoGster – it’s about as close to “hipster” as I may get these days.

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