Happy third birthday Nature Network!

Nature Network turns 3 years old today, and it has been a very interesting ride. I wasn't around when Nature Network started, but posted by first Gobbledygook blog post (the blog had a different name back then) in August 2007. We passed the 50.000 comments milestone just a few weeks ago. And we were told that big changes to the blogging platform underneath are imminent.

Flickr image by Graham Steel.

I have had many, many positive experiences in these 2 1/2 years. I learned a lot about science publishing and met a large number of very nice and very clever people both online and offline. I wrote about 160 blog posts and an uncounted number of comments during that time, and writing blog posts is still a lot of fun and something I like doing on a regular basis (I decided a while ago to aim for one blog post per week). I am also excited about the upcoming Science Online London 2010 meeting, although the exact date and location have not yet been set.

Happy birthday.

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