On our way to @FEBSEMBO2014

PLOS is heading to the FEBS EMBO 2014 meeting starting next Saturday, 30th August through Thursday 4th September.

If you’re going to be there please stop by to say hello, we’ll be at Booth 72

I’ll be there representing PLOS Biology, and there’ll be other representatives from PLOS ONE, and PLOS as a whole. We’ll have a couple of Meet the Editor sessions on the booth, but feel free to tweet us if you want to arrange a time to talk about OA, PLOS, or any of the PLOS journals.

The line-up of speakers looks fantastic, and I can’t wait for some of these talks. Everything kicks off on Saturday with Keynotes from Catherine Dulac and Svante Pääbo, and there are Plenary Lectures aplenty interspersed with concurrent sessions. FEBS EMBO 2014 is the largest meeting for the life sciences in Europe this year. It will feature >100 lectures, workshops and symposia on established and emerging areas of research.

It’s also a really exciting year for this meeting, marking several anniversaries, the 50th anniversary of The Federation of European Biochemical Sciences (FEBS) and EMBO and the centennial of The French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SFBBM).

With thanks in advance to the organizers for what promises to be a stellar meeting. We hope to see you there!

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  1. Alex says:

    You can find Catherine Dulac’s most influential papers listed here (https://sciencescape.org/author/2922295) and Steven Paabo’s here (https://sciencescape.org/author/2216981)

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