Community responds to PLoS Biology article on teaching genetics

We’ve been following with interest the ongoing discussion on Twitter in response to Rosie Redfield’s recent Perspectives article in PLoS Biology published earlier this week, in which she argues that we need to revamp the way genetics is taught to students and even (gasp) think the unthinkable: giving Mendel the boot.

As you’ll see from the Storify outline below that captures the different opinions tweeted on this article, many agreed with Rosie’s views, others less so.

Let us know which side of the debate you line up on, particularly if you teach genetics yourself or are a student taking genetics courses. Just click on the leave a comment link below.

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3 Responses to Community responds to PLoS Biology article on teaching genetics

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  2. Jane Alfred says:

    Since publishing this post, 5 new comments have been posted on the article itself (see, and the discussions continue on Twitter.

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