Not much physics on this turkey

So it’s Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, and like all good Canadians, I tried to find relevant physics literature to share with the family.  Unfortunately, my colleagues have left this holiday fairly lacking in terms of witty turkey-themed papers and puns.

The best reference I could think of was Robert Laughlin‘s swipe at string theory (which  Mark Twain fans can appreciate).

Robert B. Laughlin, A Different Universe: reinventing physics from the bottom down:

String theory is, in fact, a textbook case of Deceitful Turkey, a beautiful set of ideas that will always remain just barely out of reach.

For some practical physics themed Thanskgiving advice:

Gobble, gobble, gobble?

Weirdly, in Canada, this holiday doesn’t really seem to be about sharing what you’re thankful for, so I’m a little out of practice, but I’d say this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for WMAP and the almost 10 years it spent giving us amazing insight into the nature of the universe.  You will be missed, WMAP.

I guess I’m also thankful for the fact that today happens to be 10-10-10, (101010 in binary = 42 in base 10), and that’s just cool.

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3 Responses to Not much physics on this turkey

  1. Andrew Kircheff says:

    LOVE the picture! Couldn’t find any thanksgivings papers either, too bad. You should get writing!

  2. PhysGuy says:

    I’m bookmarking this for November!

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