A practical intervention to reduce salt intake in Perú

Lorena Saavedra-Garcia is a Nutritionist with the CRONICAS Center of Excellence in Chronic Diseases, Peru. Together with her research team, she’s been studying amount of salt that can be reduced in bread without detection by Peruvian consumers. Market effects of the introduction of this low-salt bread … Continue reading »

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Ancient “Horse” Pregnancy Frozen in Time

Some fossils are just too cool. And slightly tragic. A 48 million year old fossil from the Messel beds of Germany fits this category well, preserving a mare with her unborn offspring. Beyond macabre fascination, however, what do these fossils tell us? … Continue reading »

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10-14-15 PLOS Science Wednesday AMA Preview: Scientists from UC Berkeley’s Brain Imaging Center Share fMRI Methods

By Sara Kassabian The PLOS Neuro Community is gearing up for the Society for Neuroscience (#SfN15) 2015 annual meeting from October 17-21 in Chicago with a ‘PLOS Science Wednesday’ on October 14 that’s all about functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Functional … Continue reading »

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Does Size Matter? Jellyfish Venom Capsule Length Association with Pain

Since the PLOS San Francisco office is a quick car ride from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, so many of us at PLOS have been captivated by jellyfish movements. They are simply mesmerizing to watch as they travel through the water. … Continue reading »

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#PLOS #SfN15 preview: taking an early start with the satellite meetings

As Chicago is readying itself for the arrival of some thirty thousand neuroscientists between October 17 and 21 for Neuroscience 2015 (#SfN15), the largest meeting in the field, a few hardy souls, including myself, are planning on taking an early … Continue reading »

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Broad-spectrum antimicrobials: Considering ‘Holobiont’ welfare

By Zohorul Islam The discovery of antibiotics (also referred to as antimicrobials) is perhaps the most revolutionary outcome in the medical sciences during the twentieth century, and has allowed medical practitioners to treat a wide range of bacterial infections; and … Continue reading »

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#PLOS #SfN15 preview: build your itinerary with this great new tool

Planning your itinerary for #SFN15? You could go through the entire program book, browsing sessions and posters one by one, day after day… Or you could turn to the very innovative and extremely user-friendly tool designed by members of Konrad … Continue reading »

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Coop’s Scoop: Federal Citizen Science Tool Kit on next #CitSciChat

Senator Chris Coons (Delaware) has made it unambiguously clear that federal agencies should embrace crowdsourcing and citizen science. Senator Coons introduced the Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Act, the first proposed bill to clarify that all military branches, commissions, and executive … Continue reading »

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The PLOS Genetics Tenth Anniversary Collection

As part of the PLOS Genetics Tenth Anniversary celebrations, we’re launching a special anniversary collection to highlight the best of PLOS Genetics research articles over the last ten years. In this collection, you’ll find our PLOS Genetics ‘Top Ten’– the … Continue reading »

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iGEM 2015 Giant Jamboree: What’s All the Noise About?

By Guest Contributor, Grant Vousden-Dishington Last weekend, 259 international teams descended on the Hynes Convention Center in Boston for the 11th iGEM competition, the second Giant Jamboree. The intercollegiate competition is based on a 2003 summer course at MIT and … Continue reading »

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