Stop killing the elderly with kindness

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Update: the title of this post has been changed in response to a comment in the discussion. This past winter I taught a course titled Physical Activity and Aging.  It was a fun course, and really drove home an issue … Continue reading »

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Scientists Behaving Badly (On Social Media)

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By Brett Buttliere It is generally undisputed that Twitter and other social information exchange websites are changing the landscape of science and communication. The value that these platforms offer is probably best evidenced by how much time the average user … Continue reading »

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The Curse of the Horned Dinosaur Egg

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Horned dinosaurs (ceratopsians) just can’t catch a break when it comes to their fossilized eggs. The first purported examples turned up in Mongolia during the 1920s, attributed to Protoceratops. A few unlucky “Protoceratops” eggs were fossilized next to the jaws of another dinosaur (Oviraptor, which … Continue reading »

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Tricked: The Ethical Slipperiness of Hoaxes

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  Hoaxes sure can stir up a lot of emotion, can’t they? We tend to have a quick reaction to them, and they flush out differences in values quickly, too. A few days ago, American journalist John Bohannon wanted to … Continue reading »

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Do mini-packaged snacks help you eat less junk?

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In recent years countless food manufacturers have been “sub-packaging” their foods into smaller portions in an apparent effort to curb folks from overindulging. You can usually find 100 kcal multi-packs of chips, pretzels, chocolates, and all sorts of junk foods. Despite … Continue reading »

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The White House Wants Your Help to Stop the Decline in Pollinators

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This is a guest post by Eva Lewandowski, a PhD candidate in the Conservation Biology Graduate Program at the University of Minnesota. She is part of the Monarch Lab, where she studies citizen science and conservation education.   Pollinating animals … Continue reading »

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Advocating for Equitable Access to Global Health Internship Opportunities

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Kaleem Hawa, Oluwaseyi Owaseye, Tara Kedia, and Ashton Barnett-Vanes comment on unequal access to global health career training opportunities and announce a fundraising campaign to help support internships at WHO Headquarters for young health professionals from low and middle income countries. Global health is … Continue reading »

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Deep Reads: John Bryant reflects on a book that inspired his research

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The fourth of our Deep Reads blog posts is written by John Bryant,  a Professor Emeritus of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Exeter, UK. In addition to his deep interest in plant DNA, John has been involved … Continue reading »

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It’s time for universities to rethink what counts as field school

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By Liam Zachary Field school season is approaching for anthropology and earth science undergraduate students, and while some students have already enrolled in an exciting field school program, many are still scrambling to find a spot, and even more students … Continue reading »

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The Journal: The Instrument that Shapes Science and Academia

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By Anna Gielas No matter whether you study medicine or biology, law or art, neuroscience or history — there is one instrument that we all share: the journal. Learned journals play a pivotal role in science and academia. Publishing in … Continue reading »

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