Understanding Images: A Genetic Framework in Legumes Controls Infection of Nodules

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  In a piece reflecting on June’s PLOS Genetics issue image, authors Simon Kelly and Simona Radutoiu discuss the science behind their image. Authors: Simon Kelly and Simona Radutoiu, Aarhus University, and Carbohydrate Recognition and Signalling Centre in Denmark. Competing … Continue reading »

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Using Modern Human Genetics to Study Ancient Phenomena

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By Emma Whittington We humans are obsessed with determining our origins, hoping to reveal a little of  “who we are” in the process. It is relatively simple to trace one’s genealogy back a few generations, and there are many companies … Continue reading »

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Exciting new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease? Nah.

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So, exciting new drugs for treating Alzheimer’s disease, right? Wrong. Or, rather, let’s allow for semi-miraculous outcomes and say instead that this recent news is unlikely to be right. Most of the news concerned research results on two monoclonal antibody … Continue reading »

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Are adventurous eaters healthier?

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When it comes to food, I’ll try anything at least once. As I documented before, I’ve dined on tarantula, frog, crickets, snake, raw clams, red ants, and durian fruit – and that was just on a single trip through Asia! When … Continue reading »

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Correcting the myths about missing drug trials

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Not all drug trials get published. This is a problem because doctors, journalists, and others look to published data for the fullest picture of whether and how a drug works, and in whom. The international AllTrials campaign launched a US … Continue reading »

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Midsummer Updates at DNA Science

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Summer is half over, so I thought I’d update a few posts. EMAN IN LIBERIA A year ago, I frantically wrote about my young friend in Liberia, Emmanuel Gokpolu, and his pleas to help stop Ebola. Emmanuel and his loved ones … Continue reading »

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Key New Species Discoveries of 2014

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While there’s no denying the ongoing global extinction of animals, microbes and plants, the discovery of new species provides critical information into the puzzle of earth’s biodiversity and evolutionary history. Each year, thousands of new species are identified: 18,000 in … Continue reading »

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Barney Carroll on domesticating psychosis

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Although posted only a couple of days ago, my presentation from Royal Edinburgh Infirmary, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh is now passing the benchmark of over 1000 views. You can also find an interesting Storify of my lecture by … Continue reading »

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Citizen Science for herptile fans!

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Amphibians and reptiles, also known asherptiles or herps, are the focus of many citizen science projects. If you like frogs, turtles, and salamanders, just to name a few, join one of the projects below to help us better understand the … Continue reading »

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Update to Blue Marble Health Collection

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This week sees a major update to the PLOS Collection “Blue Marble Health: the mismatch between national wealth and population health” with the addition of 50 new papers, including two new editorials published today in PLOS Medicine and PLOS Neglected … Continue reading »

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