PLOS Genetics’ Tenth Anniversary

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2015 marks the tenth anniversary of publishing cutting-edge research at PLOS Genetics. Since the inaugural issue on the 25th of July 2005, PLOS Genetics has been dedicated to supporting the scientists that make up the genetics community with ethical rigour, … Continue reading »

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Hello, We’re Open

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Karin Purshouse (@karinpurshouse), a clinical and academic junior doctor in Oxford, invites you to join the conversation with other early career researchers at the next OpenCon Community Call, this Wednesday, July 29. It is not always easy, as a junior researcher, … Continue reading »

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Winner of the PLOS Genetics issue image campaign

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  Earlier this month we launched a campaign to solicit people’s favourite PLOS Genetics issue images, published over the last ten years, from a selection of five. The winning image depicts claudin 1, E-cadherin and keratin 14 in the tail … Continue reading »

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The ‘Dad Bod’ Explained: A Study of Weight Gain during Fatherhood

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  Does a woman’s pregnancy affect the weight of her partner? And is weight gain sustained while the kids grow up? Anecdotally, many people would undoubtedly say yes from their own experiences. Lack of sleep, less time for exercise, and … Continue reading »

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We Want the Funk: The Ups and Downs of Wild Microbes in Beer

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Funky, floral, complex. No, this is not a description of a piece of vintage wallpaper. These are some of the words that are used to describe the enormous variety that exists within the world of beer. Whether you are enjoying … Continue reading »

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Publishing Initiatives at PLOS: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

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In January 2015, we wrote about exciting developments at PLOS specifically designed to improve the author and community experience.   The changes begun at the end of 2014 included a redesign of our PDF layout into a clean, single column design, … Continue reading »

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Three simple tips to survive grant writing

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Like any field, working in research has its ups and downs. Ask any scientist and they will likely identify the opportunity to guide their own inquiries through research as an upside, but grant writing as one of the main downsides. … Continue reading »

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First Americans mystery again plus $100 million search for extraterrestrials

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DUELING PAPERS ABOUT THE FIRST AMERICANS Oh, goody. Dueling papers. Always a treat. And dueling papers in the same week in Science and Nature, an extra-special treat. The topic a hot one, as befits dueling papers: Based on genetic studies … Continue reading »

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Is Wayward Pines Genetically Plausible?

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Tonight is the final episode, ever, of Wayward Pines, the 10-episode FOX television show that’s the best sci-fi I’ve seen since the X-Files. The series, based on a trilogy by Blake Crouch, has a seemingly simple set-up. Random people, except … Continue reading »

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The BEKANT standing desk from IKEA: a review

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Despite the fact that Travis and I (though, mostly Travis) have been blathering on for years about the benefits of standing and treadmill desks, only in the past few months did I start regularly using a standing desk at my … Continue reading »

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