Advocating for Equitable Access to Global Health Internship Opportunities

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Kaleem Hawa, Oluwaseyi Owaseye, Tara Kedia, and Ashton Barnett-Vanes comment on unequal access to global health career training opportunities and announce a fundraising campaign to help support internships at WHO Headquarters for young health professionals from low and middle income countries. Global health is … Continue reading »

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Deep Reads: John Bryant reflects on a book that inspired his research

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The fourth of our Deep Reads blog posts is written by John Bryant,  a Professor Emeritus of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Exeter, UK. In addition to his deep interest in plant DNA, John has been involved … Continue reading »

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It’s time for universities to rethink what counts as field school

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By Liam Zachary Field school season is approaching for anthropology and earth science undergraduate students, and while some students have already enrolled in an exciting field school program, many are still scrambling to find a spot, and even more students … Continue reading »

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The Journal: The Instrument that Shapes Science and Academia

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By Anna Gielas No matter whether you study medicine or biology, law or art, neuroscience or history — there is one instrument that we all share: the journal. Learned journals play a pivotal role in science and academia. Publishing in … Continue reading »

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[UPDATED] Fraud in Science: the retracted study on attitudes toward gay marriage

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[Update added comments from Retraction Watch’s Adam Marcus and comment on Tara Haelle’s post at the health journalism blog Covering Health.] There’s an interesting meta-question growing out of the flap over that Science paper that’s just been retracted.  I speak, … Continue reading »

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Was It Unethical to Hoax the World About Chocolate as a Weight Loss “Accelerator”?

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Yes, of course. But. Is it somehow more ethical to conduct and publicize a bad study because you honestly don’t know any better? Journals and news outlets are full of small-scale, p-hacked, badly reported studies. This one is a drop … Continue reading »

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Can We Cure Huntington’s Disease?

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I didn’t cry until page 123 of Lisa Genova’s terrific new novel Inside the O’Briens. That’s when 44-year-old Boston police officer Joe O’Brien tells his four young adult offspring that his “weird temper”; his frequent toe-tapping, shoulder-shifting, and eyebrow lifting; … Continue reading »

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Coop’s Scoop: Speak for the Bees on the next #CitSciChat

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You’ve probably heard the maxim about unforeseen consequences: “Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.” For example, we may wish to be rid of insects, which outnumber us a zillion to one. But if our wish comes … Continue reading »

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Why you crave tomato juice on an airplane

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I’m writing this seated on a plane heading to San Francisco. We’ve been in the air for under an hour, and the drink cart is just starting to make its way down the aisle. As the cart rolls nearer I’m … Continue reading »

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WHO will lead and who will pay? The World Health Organization, Ebola and the future of global health

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By Andreas Vilhelmsson When the Ebola virus disease epidemic hit West Africa in late 2013, nobody could imagine that just a year and a half later it will have caused more than 11,000 deaths and be declared a threat to … Continue reading »

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