Walk the walk, talk the talk: Implications of dual-tasking on dementia research

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By Ríona Mc Ardle You turn the street corner and bump into an old friend. After the initial greetings and exclamations of “It’s so good to see you!” and “Has it been that long?”, your friend inquires as to where … Continue reading »

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Down with time changes plus the NY Times hearty series on cardio developments

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WAIT A SECOND It must have seemed like a good idea at the time, the time being 1972, a time before computers ran the world. That’s when it was decided that a way must be invented to keep precision atomic … Continue reading »

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PLOS Recommended Data Repositories

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In line with our updated Data Policy, we are pleased to announce a PLOS Data Repository Recommendation Guide. To support the selection of data repositories for authors, PLOS has identified a set of established repositories, which are recognized and trusted within their respective communities. To … Continue reading »

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Aicardi Syndrome: Genome Sequencing Illuminates Another Rare Disease

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As my inbox fills with ever more updates on the number of human genomes sequenced and the plummeting time and cost of next next next generation sequencing, I find myself hitting delete more and more often. Instead, I’m drawn to … Continue reading »

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Fossil Lizard Showcases Wyoming’s Tropical Wonderland

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Wyoming is a beautiful place, but usually it is associated more with open range, cowboys, mountains, and skiing than it is with palm trees and alligators. What a difference 48 million years makes! Fossils in the rocks of the Bridger Formation, spanning … Continue reading »

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Another 5 Things to Know About Meta-Analysis

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  Last year I wrote a post of “5 Key Things to Know About Meta-Analysis”. It was a great way to focus – but it was hard keeping to only 5. With meta-analyses booming, including many that are poorly done or misinterpreted, … Continue reading »

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Can Lightning Strike an Indoor Pool?

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Two swimming pool weather policies have surprised me in recent years. One was when I showed up to swim laps at an outdoor pool as it was beginning to drizzle. “Come on in,” I was told; as long as there … Continue reading »

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Advocating CBT for Psychosis: “Ultimately it is all political.”

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Political… Or just cynical? Professor Paul Salkovskis and his colleagues organized a lively, thought-provoking conference at University of Bath “Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia: How well do we understand and what should we do to improve how we help?” Presenters and … Continue reading »

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Do allergy meds contribute to weight gain?

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“Achoo!!” Some folks have allergies that flare up on a seasonal basis. This spring has certainly not been kind to this group. But if you’re like me, battling your allergies is a year-round affair. The common antihistaimnes available at every … Continue reading »

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‘Does that mean you’re not a scientist anymore?’ Getting Science Communication Right

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PLOS BLOGS welcomes Sam Illingworth, a professor of physics and science communication, with this guest post. Read his full bio below. By Sam Illingworth This is a snippet from a recent dinner party conversation: Random: So, what job do you do? Me: … Continue reading »

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