The most distinctive causes of death in each US state

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Often left to the domain of geography, maps are an under-recognised yet essential tool in the field of public health. Public health researchers don’t often make maps, yet they are terribly valuable in public health practice for basic descriptive understanding … Continue reading »

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Reflections on using Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) to treat neuropsychiatric disorders

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One of my most fascinating experiences as a doctoral student of neuroscience began with an early morning trip to the university hospital. Upon arrival, my laboratory colleagues and I met with one of the clinical neurologists, who introduced us to … Continue reading »

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Support Open Access publishing with the click of a button

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The Open Access Button is a web and mobile app that helps students, researchers, patients and the public get access to academic research. In 2013 two undergraduate students in the United Kingdom, and a team of volunteer developers first led … Continue reading »

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Update on gene editing of human embryos–and other organisms

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  The National Academy of Sciences has confirmed officially that yes, as rumored for weeks, it will hold a meeting to thrash out issues posed by the new gene editing techniques. These will probably be ethical and policy issues mostly. … Continue reading »

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Nepal after the recent earthquakes: reconstruction and vaccine-preventable enteric diseases

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In the wake of the recent devastating earthquakes, PLOS Medicine Consulting Editor Lorenz von Seidlein visited Nepal to assess outbreak risks. Lorenz travelled with Anuj Bhattachan, International Vaccine Institute, Seoul, Korea and guidance from Deepak C. Bajracharya and Shyam Raj Upreti  … Continue reading »

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Malaria and Epstein-Barr Virus: A Lethal Combination

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A recent study in PLOS Pathogens investigates how Epstein-Barr virus and malaria co-infection may create a lethal combination if the timing is right. Epstein-Barr virus and malaria are two infections that can each be controlled on their own, but a new study in … Continue reading »

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FASEB Conference on Genetic Recombination and Genome Rearrangements: Michael Lichten

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As part of its mission to encourage engagement within the genetics community, PLOS Genetics is sponsoring a number of conferences and meetings this year. In order to raise awareness about these conferences and the researchers who attend them we are featuring a … Continue reading »

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Three important things you didn’t know about diabetes

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This week, lead blogger Dr Alessandro Demaio of the Harvard Global Equity Initiative returns to lay things straight on a leading cause of global deaths. When we think of diabetes, we tend to think of rich people with poor lifestyles. … Continue reading »

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What I Learned About Health From Reporting It

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Some people find themselves nodding along with articles like 25 Struggles Only People Addicted to Diet Coke Will Understand. Me, I got that same feeling from reading this Vox piece by Julia Belluz and Sarah Kliff: No more dieting, and … Continue reading »

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Is mindfulness-based therapy ready for rollout to prevent relapse and recurrence in depression?

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Doubts that much of clinical or policy significance was learned from a recent study published in Lancet Promoters of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) notoriously established a record for academics endorsing a psychotherapy as better than alternatives, in the absence … Continue reading »

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