Drinking water before meals leads to weight loss

Over the years, we’ve often recommended the simplest of behaviour changes to improve your health: drinking more water during the day. There’s certainly no downside to staying hydrated, plus the increased trips to the bathroom will ensure you get up … Continue reading »

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Launching the PLOS Genetics Research Prize 2015

What did you do when you turned 10? Throw a party? Have a sleepover? Eat chocolate cake? We would love to do all these things with our readers, authors and editors (especially the chocolate cake), but after much deliberation, we … Continue reading »

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The Holocaust intrudes into conversations about psychiatric diagnosis: Godwin’s rule confirmed

The President-elect of the British Psychological Association drops the N word and invokes the Holocaust in denouncing mental health professionals who embrace the biomedical model. The conversation concerning Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia  (hereafter UPS) took another wrong turn with extended … Continue reading »

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NeuroTribes: Steve Silberman on a haunting history and new hope for autistic people

To mark the publication of the book NeuroTribes (Aug 25, 2015; Avery/Penguin Random House) by Steve Silberman, whose blog of the same name has been hosted on the PLOS BLOGS Network since 2010, we invited independent science writer Emily Willingham, PhD to review the book and conduct an … Continue reading »

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The Narrative of Privilege

Today we welcome Luckett to the blog. Her biography is at the end of the post. ‘Miss,’ she said, as I bit my tongue. I was choking on the worst insult a female junior doctor can bear, ‘I know that crystal … Continue reading »

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Coop’s Scoop: Citizen science to study your dog, because your dog studies you

Thank you, Lassie for saving my life! And thank you Rover, Spot, Fido, Benji, and Snoopy. We can all shout this refrain, not just those pulled from a burning building or comforted by slobbery kisses. Dogs may have saved the … Continue reading »

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Introducing the New PLOS Video Shorts

In 2011, PLOS ONE launched a series of short instructional videos to help our authors, reviewers, and Academic Editors navigate Editorial Manager, our online submission system. We recently updated and expanded these video shorts to provide a resource for PLOS authors, … Continue reading »

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Climate Capital: Assessing the hidden value of coastal ecosystems

By Gordon Ober                 Measuring the fiscal value of ecosystems Ecosystems provide both direct and indirect services to the environment. Direct services are the ones we can essentially see, and are often given … Continue reading »

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Jimmy Carter’s cancer, female sexual desire, and Donald Trump’s trumpery

IMMUNOTHERAPY FOR JIMMY CARTER’S  CANCER The immunotherapy Jimmy Carter is getting in addition to radiation for the metastisized melanoma that has invaded his brain and liver is startlingly effective in some patients and not at all in others. As yet, … Continue reading »

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Understanding Images: Plants Limit Crossovers

Authors: Javier Varas and Mónica Pradillo from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. Competing interests: Javier Varas and Mónica Pradillo are authors of the work discussed in this blog. In the July issue of PLOS Genetics, the regulation of meiotic … Continue reading »

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